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Describing scenes

Describing epizode from The Legend Of Korra:

Well, the scene starts off with
Korra finds uncle Auro in the dark forest. She got lost and cant find her way home. He says that she looks lost and asks her, if he can help.

Auro shows her  a big field that is full of wonderful and strange creatures, but this is a spirit world, there can be anything what you wish! Aouro says that he is glad to see her, that she comes just in time and that they are having a tea party.

The Uncle invites her to drink a tea together.They  both are sitting and talking to each other about the time of great Avatar that saved the world from the fire nation. But she is a child and she is still worried about her friends and her dad. Korra gets angry and starts crying. He sais that she is not alone and ewery thing is okey. Korra sais that she isnt okey. Her fried is gone and she needs to find her.

Suddenly, all  the clouds become dark and all  the creatures on a tea party feel themselves bad and unhappy. The Uncle Auro tells Korra that in a spirit world her emothions become her reality and she must try to stay positive.A little child stops crying after his words and apologises. The sun starts bright again. She asks if she can make the sun shine. Auro ansers that  Even in the material world she  will find the light, if she looks for it , but if she look for the dark, that is all she has ever seen!
Korra loves uncle Auro and she is glad to recieve advice from him. It is really important to have a support in a place where you have never been before.

As I understood I can choose any story what I want, so it isnt obligary to be funny. It is just an epizode of a cartoon.

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