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1)What is your biggest success in life?
I do not quite sure, may by there was something more important than that day, but first what came to my mind was winning the art competition when I was 11. I drew a mermaid and got first place. But there was a mistake, because of my name, and someone wrote my surname as if I am a boy. Everyone liked my picture, but practically everybody was asking my dad «You have a son, why does he draw a mermaid like as if he is a girl? »
2) What small successes do you have every day?
In my opinion it is when I get a good mark during the lesson. It makes me feel better. I like to be sure what things I can do and if I could not, I try to correct my mistakes and later do it better.
3)How would you define success?
Success means  consensual respect, this is the most important thing in describing what does success means. Because if you have a respect of people around you, you have a power.  The next important thing is a talent, some lucky and skill of being in right place in right time.
4)Is success a journey or a destination?
Answering to that question I would like to present you  quotation from the brilliant book which was written by Brendon Sanderson  “The Way of Kings”
«Life before death,
Strenght before weakness,
Journey before destination»
It is a bearing of heroes of the past. Was the success? Yes. But not a conferee made them be so. They became a heroes after showing that they could help the world, that would save it. So yes, I think success is always a journey to something new and unexpected.

5)What is your formula or recipe for success?
The best way to succeed something is to not to be lazy, which is really hard, hard-working and always put  a new aims, do not stop.
6)Does success keep you happy?
In some ways. Sometimes it can be that this person is really reach and respected by everyone, he can be alone in the same time. But it is not a problem. I think being reach and successful person is much better than being poor and unknown.  
7)Do you think success breeds success?
Could be. But for example, if person was a famous scientist, people will know his son. But he will be like a shadow of the past until he creates something new.
8)Do you think you can teach someone to be successful?
I am not sure. I think I am too young for it. And…by the way, I am not that type of person who does everything  to achieve an aim, even if it is bad for another people.
9)Someone once said: "Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get." Do you agree with this quote? 
Yes. I agree with that quote. If you get what you want you feel happiness, yes, but it leaves you after some time.

10)Someone once said: "The two hardest things to handle in life are failure and success." What do you think of this? 
That’s true. People’s opinions of you can change really fast. And successful people should be really attentive for it. 

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