среда, 15 января 2014 г.

Opinion on Advertising

I think, nowadays, advertising became one of the main parts of our lives. It helps us to find out more about almost everything. It is absolutely impossible to get away from advertising. We can hear and see it everywhere: on TV, radio, magazine, in internet and in the street. I agree with opinion that advertising affects people. Even if we do not see it carefully, advertising affects on our mind. People can hear just a part of ad, but it can be enough to recognize this thing from advertising in the shop next time. Especially if it is used a tricks like, sometimes silly, but very rememberable songs. If I were a company owner, I would prefer to spend my money on car advertising. If fortune turns to me face to face and if my ad is creative enough then I will make a big money. The adverts I like most are about internet browsers. I like some special effects there and sometimes music. The ones that annoy me most are pop-ups or some small adverts in internet that tries to stop me to see what I want. I usually buy the first product I find, because I am too lazy to go to another place and check up if there is cheaper price. I don’t remember that time when I was reading products review. I know that products in internet are cheap, but I prefer to buy something in the shop.

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