среда, 19 марта 2014 г.

Opinion essay

Topic: Cigarettes should be made illegal
Smoking is one of the most important problems in our century; it is a reason of a variety of diseases and premature death in the modern world. Annually in the world smoking causes direct or indirect deaths of 3 million people. Smoking is responsible for about one in six deaths. Every year, smoking kills about 100 000 lives in Russia as a result of (heart disease), and approximately 30,000 as a result of cerebrovascular disease.
Personally I think that smoking should be made illegal. The desire to quit smoking sooner or later occurs in the majority of smokers. Despite this popularity of smoking, it turns out that it's not so pleasant experience, and many people, sooner or later, will have a desire to leave it. In this case, the most critical is the desire to improve their health. And so the government should help this people. It is much harder to give up smoking if you can simply buy cigarettes practically everywhere.  

On the other hand some people still think that smoking is a good way to relax, forget their problems and be fashionable. They just can’t understand that it will cause big problems for them. And these people disagree with that idea of making smoking illegal. And some of them make big money selling it.

I totally disagree with that opinion. Smoking- is not a problem for a just a single person, it is a problem for our nation. If they want a good country they have to help it be so.

To sum up, Smoking is a social problem in society, both for his smoking, and non-smoking section. Smoking burns not only the health and soul, but also a purse - for his life turns into a smoker toxic smoke large sum of money, not to mention the additional costs for the treatment of diseases caused by smoking.

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