четверг, 6 марта 2014 г.

World health

1. Where do you think it is on the graph?
In my opinion, our country is closer to the high level in the graph. We have good facilities and level of modernization, but we still are not perfect.
2. What health inequalities are there?
The health inequalities are quite good. Comparing with poor countries, we use modern facilities and have more possibilities to take care of patients.
3. What diseases could be prevented? How?
Such diseases as heart attack, polio, blood-stroke, brain attack. These diseases can be prevented because of the modern facilities and good-qualificated people.
4. What else could the government do to improve health?
In my opinion they should give more money for building hospitals and convince people that smoking and drinking alcohol are not part of happy life.
5. What can people do to improve their health?
They should have healthy diet and do active lifestyle. No drinking alcohol, no smoking, no taking drugs and your life will be happier.


I think if you are one of the volunteer, no matter that, you are really kind and responsive person. When person helps another people, he feels that he really part of this world, that he made someone happier or save somebody's life and this is wonderful. And life of people with serious disease really changes, which volunteers give them hope.

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